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Manufacture and install 1 off External guard system for both upper and lower floors

  • The lower level will be totally enclosed from floor to the underside of the Mezzanine
  • The upper level will be enclosed on 2 sides fixed rails + 2 sides of the platform saloon style gates
  • Both enclosures will feature a single out-ward opening gate and will be fitted with an electrical interlock to prevent opening when the lift is not parked.
  • Both enclosures will be in-filled with mesh to prevent access to the lift.

Design, manufacture and install 1 off mast-type Mezzanine Goods Lift to be integrated into a new mezzanine floor system

  • The lift will be constructed using a single mast which must be bolted to the building block-work to provide additional support to the load legs.
  • The lift platform will measure approximately 1500mm wide by 1500mm deep and will close down over the legs
  • The platform will feature 1100mm high rails on all sides and a single outwards opening gate on the right hand side of the mast. The gate will be spring loaded and will lock with a gravity system but will also be sensed to prevent platform movement if the gate is open.
  • The clear working platform area will be 1350mm x 1350mm
  • The platform will close to the floor with a 60mm lowered height and have a total raised height of 3630mm
  • The maximum lift height will be governed by a limit switch system to ensure that the platform parks with the mezzanine upper floor.
  • The platform will be supplied with a loading ramp to be permanently fixed to the ground floor measuring 1200mm wide by 700mm long giving a gradient of 8.57%
  • The hydraulic power pack and electrical system will be housed in a separate wall mounted box at ground level.
  • Control points will be positioned at both ground and upper floor levels. Both points will feature latching call buttons and emergency stop controls.
  • Power requirement: 415V 3 phase + Neutral via 10amp isolator (Supplied by customer)
  • Motor specification: 0.8Kw 3phase 415V with 3ltr reservoir
  • Maximum lift capacity will be 500Kg

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